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The carnival parade rolls through Houma for two weeks from February 6, but the season is always in the memory of a Houma artist. The Guild of Fine Arts is staging a special exhibition at Downtown Art Gallery 630 for the month of July and is maintaining its regular schedule of monthly events.

The Regional Military Museum displays a collection of military memorabilia, while the Bayou Terrebonne Waterlife Museum offers an insight into the waterways of Houma that have shaped life here. A veterans tour of the National Marine Museum's Marine Mammal Center provides access to information about Louisiana's marine environment.

Artists interested in exhibiting works of art can apply to the gallery or request one by e-mail at TFAG.org. If you are not sure whether your artwork is acceptable, please leave a message on the Terrebonne Fine Arts Guild Facebook page or on its website. You have a website at terre bonnefineartsguild. org and events in Houma, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Lafayette and New Iberia.

In addition to the Chauvin Sculpture Garden, the Houma area also features the Nicholls Edu Folk Art Centre and a park, as well as a variety of other arts and cultural events. Visit the edU folkArtcenter or the park for more information about the Sculpture Garden, which is free and open to the public.

The Jolly Inn Cajun Dance Hall offers live music and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. Of course, there is always something going on here all year round, and all this is free and public.

Downtown Art Gallery 630 always shows pictures of members, but they change quite frequently. The gallery is usually located in the brush shop and is considered one of the most popular art galleries in Houma and a great place to visit, "Houma said. This gallery houses a variety of artworks by local artists as well as other artists from around the world.

Local and regional artists exhibiting their works include the artists from Schrieve, Gayle Cope and Kim Voisin, as well as artists such as Nolen LeBlanc, Jean-Claude Broussard and the Song of Houmas. Cyril Billiot's work has been mentioned in the past, along with those of other local artists, such as Alonzo Nolens and the Houma "Hear the Song."

Downtown Art Gallery 360 is located in the heart of the historic district of Houma, and the Victorian Gothic design of the Ardoyne Plantation is worth a selfie, but don't miss the original furniture, artwork and antiques you can see inside. See Houmas "" Hear the Song "and admire the works of local artists such as Jean-Claude Broussard and Alonzo Nolens.

If you are coming out of town, you will pass a trickle - down the waterway, and when you enter, you will drive to Greenwood Gator Farm, which will take you on a ride with the roaring swamp wagon. You will be led deep into the cypress swamp, spoiled with stories of swamp life and spoiled with Cajun music. But the biggest thrill is the guided tour of the farm, where you learn about gators and even hold a gator in your hand.

The unique landscape of the Mississippi and its tributary, the St. Charles River, offers a world of opportunities to enjoy nature. Mandalay National Wildlife Refuge is located just 5 km south of the city, where you can see herons, turtles and gators while preserving their natural habitat.

Cajun Man's Swamp Cruise, which takes place on a swamp boat, is an experience like no other. Get on board and meet the descendants of the local legend of alligator Annie as you take a unique - or a kind - excursion through the bay and waterways. Hiking trails lead you up - close to historic huts in the past, and there is plenty to discover.

Start with a visit to the Folklife and Culture Center Terrebonne, where you can take Cajun dance lessons, learn the art of Cjun cuisine and much more.

Another place to be included on this list is the Bourgeois Meat Market, best known for its fresh, local meat and bait products. The last stop on your culinary tour should be a visit to Louisiana Cooking School, one of the largest cookery schools in the country. Local restaurants serve some of your favorite Louisiana dishes, such as delicious prawn semolina, crab stew and cobbled oysters.

If you're interested in kids learning a little art, visit Downtown Art Gallery at 630, there may be a few free places, but there are no art programs. They teach the basics of art techniques in a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking. The artists "reception takes place every first Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 4 pm in the gallery, and there could be an artists" reception.

Hold a colorfully painted duck bait in your hand at the Houston Art Gallery on the first Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 4 pm.

More About Houma

More About Houma