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Bayou Delight is located on a rural road in Houma and is a hidden gem that only locals know. This modest restaurant on the bait side may not look like much from the outside, but it serves some of the best fried chicken in Louisiana, and you'll have to see it for yourself. I found it to be one of my favorite dishes in the entire state of Louisiana. Fried chicken makes life difficult for customers because you can't do anything wrong with anything on the menu. It's golden brown, fried, tender, juicy, crispy, sweet, spicy, crispy and so much more - and it's always good.

Bayou Delight has won several awards for this delicious dish, but it's not just locals who know how epic fried chicken is here.

Bayou Delight has been around since 1981 and has built up a loyal fan base over the decades, Martorana Benzinga said in an email. The menu features Cajun and Creole favorites that make customers come back year after year, and there are certainly some that go out to eat.

At that point, large companies will be able to resume business in closed stores, he said, but the delivery opportunities present a number of new challenges. He said he was not worried about the impact on the local economy, however, because of the supply option.

That doesn't matter, Martorana said, because consumers tend to blame restaurants rather than delivery platforms for the drop in quality. It is often said that you should not judge a book by its cover, and the same feeling applies to restaurants.

Fried chicken is one of those classic dishes that everyone loves, and the portions here are quite generous. GoodRx discounts are lower than co - pays if you have insurance or Medicare, but not as much if not. As with any good Louisiana restaurant, you should have a little appetite for the best Louisiana restaurants.

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Benzinga has met with a handful of restaurants of varying sizes to see how they are doing at a time when the COVID 19 pandemic remains a major overhang. The restaurants - provided that the restaurants represent a new market, which is targeted by the restaurants in Martorana, but with lower - than usual - margins.

Most Americans know the Hooters chain, but Benzinga had the chance to catch up with Martorana, the restaurant chain's co-founder and chief executive. He has 26 years of experience in the restaurant industry - he started at the chain when he was 12 and has been working there since his first day of college.

In an interview, the restaurant manager said it was a safe assumption that many restaurants operating on a high budget did not have the resources to provide food during this pandemic. Martorana said we can only hope that the ability to operate restaurants within these restrictions will decline so much that the bloodshed will be slowed down until the industry can get back into full operation.

Luckily for Hooters, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said in an interview with Martorana that dinner could resume at reduced capacity, according to a New Orleans Times report. He said he operated his hooter site with a six-figure reserve, but that it was not large enough to keep operations running while the shutdown continued.

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More About Houma