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As a lifelong resident of the Terrebonne community, I often forget all the amazing things our community has to offer tourists who come to Houma, La., from Baton Rouge. Whether you want to experience the depths of Bayou Country or ride the Ferris wheel in the Gulf of Mexico, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a quick change of scenery next weekend. If you're itching to get out of town but you're not planning an exotic vacation, there's no better place to travel than the small town of HouMA, Louisiana, home to the biggest tourist attraction in Louisiana. The activities in Houmas are perfect whether you are a tourist, resident or just an occasional visitor to one of the state's most popular tourist destinations.

Meet the descendants of the local legend of alligator Annie by taking a unique - or a kind of - excursion through the bayus and waterways. Climb aboard the Cajun Man Swamp Cruise, which takes place on a swamp boat, and climb aboard for a unique experience in Bayou life.

The Jolly Inn's Cajun Dance Hall offers live music and dancing on Fridays and Saturdays. Eat at Bayou Delight Restaurant, where you'll find lobster etouffee, lobster and a variety of other delicious dishes. Houma, LA restaurants to try are the famous La Broussard's Bayous Bar - B - Que Restaurant and Boulangerie de la Boudreaux. The last stop on your culinary tour should be the Cooking Room, home to the world's best crabs, oysters, crabs, shrimp and other seafood.

The charming downtown Abita Springs has a small-town feel that makes you feel like you're in a Louisiana family sitcom. When you visit the city, you will feel at home and capture the appeal of Cajun culture with friendly staff and atmosphere. Guests staying at the hotel will notice that there are many gator-themed adventures, from kayaking and fishing to crayfish and boat trips.

Houma is the largest town in Bayou Country in Louisiana, so there's plenty to see. Known for its rich history and culture, the municipality of Terrebonne, home to many of the most famous crayfish farms in the world, offers a wide variety of foods such as shrimp and grits. Local restaurants serve your favourite mouthpiece - shrimp and bread pudding are a staple. When you visit Houma, you will also enjoy historic tours that deliver a piece of Louisiana history.

To experience Cajun country, we took a trip to the state's less-visited coastal areas, such as Terrebonne and Houma. Other segments were filmed in New Orleans, Baton Rouge and the Gulf of Mexico, as well as other parts of Bayou Country in Louisiana and the Louisiana Gulf Coast.

Located in Webster Parish, this location is one of more than 20 local locations highlighted by the Northwest Louisiana Film Trail. The Terrebonne Museum on site outlines the history of the area, which includes a museum with artifacts from the film's shooting, a historical museum and a museum of Cajun history. A blues trail that winds through Mississippi and Louisiana , it houses Ferridays old post office and is full of musical memorabilia, and it is home to the Louisiana Blues Museum.

If you love adventure, then a trip to Houma, LA is a wonderful way to celebrate your inner being. The unique landscape, which is characterized by the Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico and the Louisiana River Valley, offers a world full of opportunities to enjoy nature.

Don't miss any of these things, spend a few hours on Highway 56 or the small Caillou Road and only leave Houma after you have passed through all the beautiful parks, beaches, waterfalls and other natural attractions. After driving from New Orleans, you will visit LaFourche Parish, where you can visit the Cajun Bayou Food Trail and some of Louisiana's most famous seafood restaurants, such as LaFiveche Steakhouse. Head to New York City and then back to Houman, LA, to visit the Bayous Terrebonne Waterlife Museum.

I thought I was ordering Mardi Gras doughnuts in purple and yellow, but later I realized it was the LSU colors. After an afternoon of Bayou exploration, we stopped at Big Mike's, a popular crab and boudin restaurant in Lake Charles, LA. I knew the boudins on the menu from my last trip to Lake Charles and thought BigMike's had some of the crab bouillon I'd tasted, which was really delicious.

As we drove up the hills of Arkansas to the north, we wanted to get a taste of the Bay of South Carolina. Bayou, I learned quickly, is a slow-moving body of water somewhere between a stream and a river. We had just arrived in Houma, Louisiana, a city of about 1.5 million people north of Baton Rouge. So where does the idea come from that the city and its baits have more bait than anyone can count?

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